onsdag 9. mars 2011

Hopeless Diamond Sofa

What do you think about design like this? This particular furniture is the Hopeless Diamond Sofa and it's designed by LUUR design in 2010. What is special about this kind of furniture is what you can see in the bottom picture: How they are made and what they are made out of. 
This sofa is made out of shelf materials found in the local hardware store, like copper plumbing pipes, shipping blankets, zip tie and carpet padding. I've seen a lot of furniture that is made out of these sorts of materials (you can also read about some in previous posts on my blog) and I guess the idea of using materials that are available, has easy access and are common to the every-day-man is popular amongst the furniture designers these days. Maybe also within trend and fashion in general?
My question is, is this as popular amongst the clients, the customers and the consumers? Is this something you would like to place inside your home? My opinion is that I think this is really creative and innovative and I like this type of design as an idea. Yet, I am a little sceptic about if this is suited for home furnishing....

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