torsdag 17. mars 2011

Acciaio Series

This is the Acciaio Series by Max Lipsey, and these lightweight steel chairs are inspired by the old-school bicycle. The word "acciaio" is Italian for steel, and these chairs are constructed from specialized, c tapered steel bicycle tubes and built with techniques from the bicycle frame-building craft.
They say that these chairs are surprisingly strong and light, and also slightly flexible so that you can lean back a little bit in the chair. The series contains a stool, a dining chair and a lounge chair and all three have seating witch is made out of leather and aluminum.
I think these chairs would be perfect as outdoors furniture, and I assume that these are durable due to the material being the same as on a bicycle. I love the fresh and beautiful colors, and the chairs gives me a "summer-ish" feeling, witch you got to like! 
To read more about these wonderful chairs you have to visit

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