torsdag 31. mars 2011

Classic desk with an upgrade

This is the Office Desk and it is designed by Kevin Krumnikl. Their idea is to transform individual ideas into contemporary designs. They take one or more classic pieces and make it into something new and special, just like they did with this office desk and chair. 
This desk has a lot of features of classic design, but with this small hidden drawers and foldable desk gadgets. This obviously makes the design a whole lot more exciting and special, and also more usable and smart. This desk takes up a smaller amount of space than a regular desk would, and also you don't have to clutter your desk space up with paper and pens because of the brilliant gadgets and holders hidden around the desk. Also, you don't have to worry about anyone stealing your chair, because it is attached to the desk and folds right in when you're done sitting on it.
To see more of Kevin Krumnikl's designs and ideas, you have to visit

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