tirsdag 22. mars 2011

Beautiful stairs

Have you ever thought about how stairs dominate the room your in? The look of the stairs can either save or ruin your space, and that is because of the size and the different structures to it. Stairs will be a natural eye-catcher in your home, and you don't really think about how important it is before you get an eye-opener... Well, here it is! If you have an ugly staircase in your home, do something about it. It will change the outlook in the room, and in your home. Just look at these pictures of these beautiful stairs.

This staircase is from The Geraci Residence, and it is so dominant. I think because of the black carpeting in the middle, they probably wanted their stairs to be the eye-catcher in their home. As you can see, the rest of the living room is white and plain, so they most likely wanted to create a real big contrast with the stairs. Just imagine if these stairs were run down, worn out and out of style (an maybe even positioned in an other angle) how different the whole room would look! You don't really need to have the top of the line staircase without railing and modernized beyond your wildest imagination. Just paint it in a neutral color or think about changing the wood on the steps or just polish down the old ones.
The worst thing I see is old carpeting in a horrendus color, and who would want that to be the first thing people see when they come in to your living space? I sure wouldn't! So make a little effort and see how big a difference a beautiful staircase can make for your home. 

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