onsdag 16. mars 2011

Pantone mugs

One of my favorite kinds of mugs are these mugs from Pantone. Pantone is a color system with codes that show colors and their ranking system. This system is used a lot in the creative business, and Pantone got the brilliant idea of making different home accessories with the colors and their codes on them. They have a lot of different merchandise, all from kitchen applies to key chains. I'm saving up to by a set of these mugs, and I'm starting with my favorite colors (I can post pictures of some of my favorites on the blog later)! These are really creative and fun, and I know of architect offices and other creative workspaces that use these mugs as an inspiration for the employees. Also, they have a really simple and classic design, so they will never go off style. To look at more from Pantone, visit www.pantone.com.

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