tirsdag 22. mars 2011


This rocking chair is called Sway and it is designed by Markus Krauss. It has a padded seat, a beautiful gray toned color and the shape of the seat enables you to sit comfortably in what ever way you prefer.. You can even sit two in this, if you want!
The steel frame is constructed in a way that makes it more than safe to hold two at a time. The telescoping ram locks the Sway so that it can be used as a chair, and not only a rocking chair, witch is a big plus! I must say that Sway has become one of my favorite chairs, and I want to own it so badly... I love the color, the structure and the idea of it, and this would be a piece of furniture I would care for for ever. Sounds like I'm in love! Ha-ha-ha.
If you fell in love with Sway and want to learn more, you can learn more at www.markuskrauss.com.

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