lørdag 2. juli 2011


Look at these fun Boxes I found! They are from Fabrica Features and are distributed by Seletti. What I think is the really fun part about these boxes is obviously the prints and graphics that are on the lid of the box. Each box has different pictures and figures on top, that represent what you are storing in that box. For example: A box with a camera on it, is storing photos. A box with kitchen appliances on it, is storing cooking recipes. A box with a suitcase on it, is storing traveling things. Pretty genius, right?
I really love these boxes, and the idea behind it. I like that it is so simple, so easy and yet so beautiful and creative! What better way to remember where you put things, than to have different prints to represent them on top of the box? You'll never have to open a million different boxes to find that one thing you were looking for again. I would like to own these in every kind they've got, and I would have them on display so that everyone could see how cool they are. I guess because I love graphics, these really appeal to me.  
Each box is made out of metal, and has a print on top of it in either a pretty color or in just black. You can get them in so many different styles and prints, that you are bound to find one that you like. I think that we have so much stuff just cluttering up our homes, and we just put them away in a closet or in a drawer.... Or worse, let them lie around for everyone to see. Why not put them in a pretty box, so that you know where your stuff is, it helps you organize better and it makes your home clutter free!
If you like these fun boxes and want to see more variations of them you have to visit www.fabricafeatures.com.

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