fredag 1. juli 2011

Family Tea

This tea set is called the Family Tea and is a tea set that is a family, or a family that can be a tea set. It is designed by Paula Benvegnú who is an Argentinian art director and product designer. The tea set is inspired by the idea of family genetics and lineage and the search for a new way to tell a family's story. She created 30 ceramic mugs with a tea kettle based on her family tree. “A common code we are all born with and that will continue appearing in all our defects and virtues: grandfather’s eyes, father’s birthmark, maternal great-grandmother’s white skin, grandfather’s hooked nose… the links are invisible but they are always there… The investigation is based on the imperfections and particularities we all have that we have inherited from someone.” says Paula. 
I really like the concept and the idea behind this tea set, and also the colors the designer has chosen for the mugs. The different shades of sea-green is just breath taking, and the small wooden detail on the tea kettle is the icing on the cake in my opinion. "The tea set represents the family as a whole, and each piece a family member. All of the pieces share the same color palette, however, upon being passed down from previous generations, the tone and quantity of color that each mug shares with prior iterations changes, along with other defining details, but they are still recognizable as belonging to the same set. No two mugs are the same, just as no two people are the same." says Paula. And for one last little detail, she added the family seal and a little spoons with each person's name and birthdate... A really beautiful way to honor your family and ancestors!
If you would like to learn more about the Family Tea or the designer, you have to visit

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