tirsdag 5. juli 2011


This is table is called James, and it is designed by Ilot Ilov. This small, three-legged table is a true servant that can be set up at any given place. There is no need for a tabletop because one single plate can be turned into an individual tray. You can use a plate, a bowl or a vase. The wooden sticks keep everything in balance while the rubber-topped tips stops the objects from sliding away. James is made out of ash wood, synthetic rubber and steel, and it comes in the colors white and nature (wooden). It is a 100% hand made, and is produced in Germany.
I like both the idea and the execution of this tripod, and this type of furniture is something we don't see a lot of in the interior world. Think how great it would be to have somewhere to place any given object, right where you are standing/sitting/lying. If you like having your breakfast in bed, James will be your best friend. And after use, the effective butler is store without effort, because it folds easily back into a handy format. You can obviously use this for practical things, but just imagine how many things you could put on display with this table! The sky is the limit, and you can try anything you would like. What a great way to explore your options!
If you would like to see more from Ilot Ilov or James, you have to visit www.llotllov.de.

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