mandag 4. juli 2011

Urban Collection

These chairs are the Urban Collection and they are designed by danish Søren Rørbæk for Oliver Furniture in 2010. This collection is specifically designed for teenagers, and it consists  of a table, a bench and a chair. The table is very simple, and it is designed for the modern teenager's bedroom. It can be used in a very feminine room, as well as in a rougher environment. The bench is perfect for sitting together while being in front of the computer. The chair is tiny and simple, and can easily be put a side. Even two chairs around a table will be discrete and take up minimal space. Oliver Furniture is even thinking about expanding the collection with a bed, other types of benches, racking and shelving. The collection in produced in two different sizes.

I really like this collection, and what I like the most about it is no surprise: The different colors you can choose from on the legs of the bench, chair and table. It's always a big plus when you can choose from a range of colors to best match your room or your home. Its an even bigger plus when the colors are as amazing as the colors the designer has chosen. The white top on all of the furniture is beautiful with a small angle, which makes the design even more special. The neutral and natural wooden color you can choose is perfect for a person that wants very delicate colors, and the strong and bright colors are perfect for someone who likes their home to stand out. Something for everyone!
If you like the Urban Collection and want to see more from the designers or from the collection, you have to visit

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  1. Hej! Jag har följt din blogg en tag nu och tycker den är väldigt fin och mycket inspirerande! Fortsätt skriv, jag kommer följa!
    Kram /Alma Johanna


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