lørdag 2. juli 2011

Jump Lamp

This lamp is called Jump Lamp and it is a floor lamp designed by french designer Claude Saos. This is a medium-sized lamp that is supposed to resemble a hybrid animal. The long neck and the flat foot render an animated lighting form. What is great about this lamp is that is uses a liquid-cooled LED light bulb and is constructed with a ceramic shade. This means that this lamp does not create heat - no heat will come from the bulb and no heat will escape from this thick shade. The body is made out of wood, and the eye-catching yellow inside the lamp is painted directly on the ceramic shade.
I really, really like the top part of this lamp, but not so much the bottom. It irritates me that the base of the lamp has this shape and color, and I would totally love this if it weren't for that. I would like it so much more if it was round or square, and had a white, black or wooden color... Something about the bottom part does not appeal to me. But what I do like about this lamp is the yellow bright color inside the shape, the wooden structure and last but not least the grey tone of the outside of the lamp shade. It reminds me of concrete! A fun little detail is the little screw that you can adjust the angle with. 
If you like the Jump Lamp too, or want to read more about the designer or other products, you have to visit www.claudesaos.com.

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