tirsdag 5. juli 2011

Licor Cafe

This set is called the Licor Cafe and it was designed by Thomás Alonso to specifically hold the hand made liquor made by his father, Enrique Alonso. Licor Cafe is the name of the liquor, and also the set to honor the special beverage his dad has been making for many years. The set consist of one bottle and five glasses to serve five friends around the table. Each friend can pick the glass of its choice, but none of them have to worry: Each glass holds the same quantity of Licor Cafe. The licor is a traditional recipe from Galicia in North West of Spain, Licor Cafe is made from Orujo, coffee beans and sugar. 

I think that the Licor Cafe is a beautiful set, and is perfect for serving or just having out as decoration. The thought behind it is really beautiful, and the fact that the designer wanted to honor is father is precious! I like that the materials he chose is as natural as glass and cork, and the little note on the bottle is a nice little detail that creates a whole in the set. My most favorite thing about the Licor Cafe is that all of the glasses have different shapes, but contains the same amount of fluid.  
If you would like to see more pictures of Licor Cafe or read more about the designer, you have to visit www.tomas-alonso.com.

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