onsdag 6. juli 2011


This table lamp is called Cudepoule and it is designed by Claude Saos in 2011. This table lamp has a wooden base and shading made out of bright yellow fine felt fabric. It's measurements are 25x23x11 cm, and would be a medium sized attribute to any home. Sadly, this is just a prototype, but I hope to see it in production in the near future! 
I really like the simplicity of this lamp! The cross in the base that carries the whole structure, and the lamp shade that is resting on the angle from the stem. An other smart detail is the way the cord is included in to the design, so that the electrical cord is not only for practical use but also for visual reasons. If you like the Cudepoule and want to see more of it, or more from the designer, you have to visit www.claudesaos.com.

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