lørdag 2. juli 2011

Pano Candleholders

These porcelain figurines are the Pano Candleholders and they are designed by Gonçalo Campos and Maria Bruno Néo. They are produced using a unusual technique, and the material that is used is actually cloths. The name "Pano" is the Portuguese word for "cloth". By using the cotton fabric as the temporary structure to hold the porcelain form in shape, the designers then burn the fabric away and leave only the delicate porcelain behind. "Not using the typical mould creates the great opportunity to make individual pieces in a very efficient way, but still keeping their uniqueness. It's also very special the dynamic brought by the texture and appearance of the fabric that in turn shapes the porcelain." says the designers. 
I think the Pano Candleholders are very beautiful and not to mention unique! I like the small "knitted" details that are placed around on the base, and also the soft finish of the structure... It kind of looks like the fabric is rapped randomly around the candles, but I'm sure that the designers have chosen the position of the cloth very carefully! The grey-ish white tone on the fabric will match anything in your house, and this is not a decoration that is hard to find a place for. If I were to be the lucky owner of these pretty candleholders, I would use them day and night.
If you liked these candleholders and want to read more about them or the designer, you have to visit www.goncalocampos.com.

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