fredag 18. februar 2011

Wooden Heap

It's not often that design surprises me, but Wooden Heap by BorisLab actually did! I found the top picture on a site, and I thought this was the strangest most uncreative thing I had seen in a long time.
I was going to post a blog about it with the headline "Can you call this design?",and post it's picture with it. Then i clicked on to BorisLab's website and I saw the other two pictures. It amazed me, and I love it! The thought of the designers were actually to get a reaction from people (a lot like the one I got) and then reveal the sham, and show that it's actually not what you think it is. 
This was designed in 2009, and the purpose of the Wooden Heap is for people to see beyond appearances!  Visit this page and look at more exciting designs. Remember that things aren't always as they seem....

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