mandag 14. februar 2011

Inspiring space

I love it when people make wall collages with pictures of loved ones, things they like or with pictures that inspire them. It makes your workspace, living room or bed room a whole lot more personal and you can make an empty wall interesting with a small amount of effort. You can make a wall collage with picture frames or without picture frames. If you chose using frames a good tip is to make the collage on a table or on the floor first. When you find a pattern you like you take a picture of it so that you can look at the picture when you transfer your collage to the wall. This way, you don't get a lot of unnecessary nails in your wall, and you won't make the same amount of mistakes. I like both with and without frames, and you can get two very different looks. You have to find out what's more you. So, go be creative, people!

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