tirsdag 22. februar 2011

Lisa Hilland

The collection "My granddaughter's cabinet" by Lisa Hilland
My Granddaughter's Cabinet
Generous Chair
Put A Spin On It Table
Pompon Pendant Lamp
Pompom Pouf

These pictures are from the swedish designer Lisa Hilland's collection "My Granddaughter's Cabinet". She got the inspiration from this collection from inherited family treasures, and learning from how they were made and techniques from manufacturing them. Kind of passing on old knowledge from one generation to the next. All of the materials for these furniture are natural, environmentally friendly and they are also carefully chosen for their ability to age beautifully. The main material in all these pieces are birch and naturally tanned reindeer leather, but she also used metal, ceramic and other types of wood. I really like the design of her furniture, but what I like even more is the thought behind it! Her website is under construction at the moment, but you can google her if you want to know some more.

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