tirsdag 22. februar 2011

Paperboard Innovation

These pictures are from the Paperboard Innovation, and all the furniture you see in these pictures are made out of cardboard.
The makers are Alessandro Antoniazzi and Valter Davanzo and their website says: An encounter between art and design, an emotion fusion inspired by love, sculpded forms from the material itself, giving life to pieces and furniture made with environmentally friendly materials, such as honeycomb cardboard, embellished with printed pictorial images.
A lot of different designers have used cardboard as a main material in their furniture, but I have never seen so many furniture made of cardboard from the same designers, and I like how great they've made it look! This is, after all, something we consider as trash, and I like that someone sees the value of this kind of material. 
To see more pictures and to read more about it, you have to visit www.io10design.com.

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