fredag 28. januar 2011


Most people who are interested in interior design like to read interior magazines, - I love it! I read a number of different magazines, but subscribe to my favorites: Bo Bedre, Rom 123 and Elle interiør.
It almost makes me happy when a new magazine arrives in the mail, and I can read the same one over and over again, and I study all the pages carefully. I save all my magazines, and I'm gonna keep saving them.
They give med so much inspiration and new ideas in the profession i have chosen, and it's good to sit down with an old magazine when you need a little extra.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I don't understand the text in this blog, but i really like your pictures though :)

  2. Å, Elle interiør er mitt favorittblad også! Love it :)

  3. Jess: I've noticed that I've gotten some readers outside of Norway, and I'm going to translate everything i write from now on into english. I've also translated my old posts! :)

    Marte Lysell: Ja, Elle interiør er et kjempefint interiørmagasin!

    - Anette


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