mandag 31. januar 2011


These lamps are called Bagalight and they are eco-friendly lamps, made of paper bags and light bulbs. You can get them in both tablelamps, desklamps and ceiling lamps, and is produced by Liquidesign. I think this design is pretty cool and I think it's great that they consider the environment.. But I'm skeptical of how fireproof this lamp is! Lightbulbs against the paper isn't the best combination in the world, but I guess that is something they have thought about and found a solution for (I hope). Anyway, it's always exciting when people dare to think outside the box!

1 kommentar:

  1. Kristian Hermanen31. januar 2011 kl. 15:51

    Ja, det så ikke helt stødig ut! Hehe. Synd for designerne hvis det tar fyr, og de får en sak imot seg..


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